Soft and cozy colours

square and round shapes

rainbow of colours

The "soundproof" colour palette


Lightweight, soft and fluffy.

Fluffo palette consists of 52 original colours. They will define the character of your interior: the soft grey will let you relax and the intense red, green or pink will invigorate and inspire you. You are free to create any combination, possibilities are endless.

Most of our colours are medleys, which were created by blending the basic colours. They do not have a homogenous colour structure, the characteristic medleys are visible when looking up close. This makes them extraordinary – one of a kind.

Click on a selected colour to zoom in.

Note: presented colours are the photos of real colour samples. Please keep in mind that the displayed colours may vary from the true shade depending on the specific proprieties of your monitor. We provide colour samples, if you are interested in receiving a colour picker or samples of particular colours, please contact us.

Availible colours:

Installation manual

Installation of our wall panels is extremely easy and fast. This is DIY product and can be instaled by anyone. FlexiFoam panels are the perfect material to work with and easy to install. Please download our installation manual and carefully follow up step by step instructions. Most importantly is to allow extra material for off cuts and arrange preliminary works depending on your project requirements.  In case of any questions feel free contacting us on 0208 610 9988 and we’ll assist you with any technical enquiries.

Product Brochure

Get inspired and feel free to download our latest brochure in PDF format including available types of all our FlexiFoam wall decors. We constantly developing new models and new trendy design patterns, watch this space to access the latest version of the brochure. All our designs are protected with EU Patents which means we manufacture exceptional designs. Should you require a hard copy of the brochure please contact us direct!

All the patterns are registered trademarks, protected by the law. Using the present patterns without patent owner’s consent will be prosecuted by the certified authorities. FlexiFOAM 3D Wall Panels are designed and manufactured in EU by Fluffo.